Invited speakers

Atmospheric characterization of exoplanets at high spectral resolution and its synergy with low- resolution spectroscopy 

Eliza Kempton - University of Maryland (USA)

Michael Line - Arizona State University (USA)

Ignas Snellen - University of Leiden (The Netherlands)


Stellar spectra as background sources in exoplanet characterization: modeling and understanding the star to avoid spurious noise and contextualize the system 

Remo Collet - Aarhus University (Denmark) 

Jean-Francois Donati - IRAP (France)

Raphaëlle Haywood - Harvard College Observatory (USA) 


 A roadmap towards detecting biomarkers: Earth analogs

 Christophe Lovis - Geneva Observatory (Switzerland)

 Victoria Meadows - University of Washington (USA)

 Clara Sousa-Silva - MIT (USA)




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